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Toddler Room (18 months to 2 years old)


Our Toddler Room is designed to enhance your children’s learning ability.  All of our teachers in this room love to play with the children and are very passionate about teaching!

In our Toddler Room we do lots of hands on projects that the toddlers love! We do circle time every morning which includes singing songs, learning numbers, shapes, colors and  days of the week. We sing lots of songs with them that the toddlers love! They go outside twice a day and have access to many different toys, puzzles, blocks and books.

All our toys are cleaned each and everyday. Each toddler gets their own cubby and mat for naptime. You will receive a Cuddle Gram everyday which includes every diaper change, what they ate and how long they napped.

This room is filled with lots of fun and excitement each day!