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Pre-K Room (4 years to 5 years)


Our Pre Kindergarten Room is the perfect room to prepare your child for the next big step! This room is filled with projects and activities that allow the children to think and express themselves in different ways. Each morning begins with circle time where the children can have fun and learn at the same time!

Our Pre-K teacher Miss Stephanie has a degree from Centaury College and has years of experience with teaching Preschool. She has been our pre-k teacher for 10 yrs now and takes such pride in her classroom. Miss Stephanie has a background in art which allows her to implement her skills into the classroom.  A kindergarten curriculum is followed which gives each child the opportunity to expand their learning of science, math, language arts, literacy, and history.

Our Pre-K room fully prepares the children for kindergarten in every way possible! They do worksheets everyday, learn to write their names, letters and even get fun homework once a week to prepare them for Kindergarten.