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Infant Room (six weeks to one year old)


Our infant room is full of love, happiness and joy! Miss Dolores our head infant room caregiver has been working in the infant room for 10 years now!

Our teachers cuddle, rock and talk to the children so a loving trusting bond is created.

The teachers care for each child according to the child’s individual needs.  They track each child’s feedings, nap times and diapering each day.

They sing and read to the children to develop language skills. A full circle time is done every morning going over colors, shapes and using various flashcards. They all get tummy time throughout the day, go outside twice a day and once able to sit up do an art project everyday. They have full access to many different toys, puzzles, blocks and books.

The toys, exersaucer, highchairs etc. are cleaned every time another child is finished with it. Everything in the roomed is wiped down and cleaned several times a day.

Every infant has their own crib, bedding, cubby, bottles, and food.

All our infants are cared for in a warm, loving and safe environment!