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Extracurricular Activities

Korporate Kids Learning Center offers many different extracurricular activities such as the following:

Tech Stars- Tech Stars is a program that is designed for children to familiarize themselves with computer skills.  Their qualified technology teachers will guide your child as they explore science, technology, engineering, art and math! This program comes every Monday for the school year!

Tumble Zone– Tumble Zone is a unique program that uses lively music, innovative gymnastics equipment, and varying themes and props to boost children’s fitness levels and self-esteem through physical activity. They are a local gymnastics school. This program is offered on Tuesdays throughout the school year!

Kiddie Soccer- Kiddie soccer is a fun filled and age appropriate soccer program for 3 to 6 year old boys and girls. The 8 class sessions are based on various games that are fun and non competitive, yet instructional. Each class is an hour session. Their coaching staff consists of men and women who coach and play the game of soccer and are experienced in working with young children. This program is offered on Thursdays throughout the school year!

Sing A Song-  Sing A Song allows the children to dance, sing and learn different instruments to some fun music! In this class they will learn the fundamentals of singing and instruments while having a ball!  This is for ages 2 and up! This program takes place on Wednesday’s throughout the school year!

Karate- NJ Chito Ryu Karate Center is a fantastic program that not only teaches the basics of karate but helps with respect, discipline and self confidence. This is for 3-6 yr olds. It takes place once a week on Friday’s.